trans ocean agency

LPG/LNG Broking

At Trans Ocean we have developed a deep working insight in the global marketing, logistics movement and the commercials involved in the LPG/LNG market. With our extensive learning of the complexities of this market our team is in a ready to perform position, for a complete range of gas related services. Our brokers have developed and maintained an excellent working rapport with almost every player in the LPG/LNG industry and are familiar with the midstream or downstream LNG delivery chain including aspects like liquefaction, transportation and regasification.

For the LPG business our brokers offer charters that encompass VLGCs to the smaller semi-refrigerated vessels. As an extension of this activity we also actively participate in the sale or purchase of LPG carriers.

Our team actively canvasses potential market sites and supports our clients with the required market information to facilitate decision making for the sale and purchase of LPG/LNG.