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Our Services

Our solutions are local, the results are global

At Trans Ocean Agency we have nurtured a service portfolio that is diverse in scope and relevant in depth. As a professional and experienced ship broking agency we have accumulated a vast repertoire of experience in dealing with a variety of client needs across diverse markets, around the globe.

Our evolved and highly up to date service range, managed by a core team of well informed and pro-active ship broking professionals consists of Oil Tanker Broking, Dry Cargo Broking, Sale and Purchase of Vessels, Vessel Pooling, Consultancy & Research and LPG/LNG Broking.

Our wide scope of expertise enables us to respond to our clients in any vertical promptly and competently. We are competent enough and thoroughly informed about any activity, which means that we can negotiate and close nearly every deal that comes in hand with a win-win situation.

Services…. Flexible enough to respond… informed enough to deliver…

Oil Tanker Broking

With our extensive experience and proven expertise in the tanker brokerage business, we have created professional capabilities to encompass multiple charter solutions. From single voyage charters to long term charters our crude desk offers innovative, competitive and time driven solutions to each of our customers.


Dry Broking

Our Dry Cargo desk managed by a team of professional brokers, offers both owners and charterers fixtures for nearly every major or minor dry bulk commodity. The division covers all manner of chartering including spot fixtures, contracts of affreightment and period fixtures. We plan and manage deliveries of commodities to global destinations with our access to a variety of vessels.


Sale and Purchase & Projects

Our business portfolio includes the highly niche business of sales or purchase of a variety of ships and this also includes services for negotiating contracts for new ship building and demolition too. With a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who helm this vertical, we are able to track leads and close deals with regular success.


Pooling Services

At Trans Ocean we are an active player in the Ship Pooling concept and business. This function of ours has today evolved into our Core expertise and we offer full-fledged Pool structuring and induct various sizes of ships for global pooling service providers.


LPG/LNG Broking

We offer the entire spectrum of services to cater to the global LPG / LNG shipping market. Our team of brokers are well versed with the transportation of these products and are adept at fixing and securing spot and term/project business opportunities. What is more is that our team offers our clients ready to use and up to date market information, backed by detailed research and current fleet data.


Consultancy & Research

At Trans Ocean Agency knowledge dissemination forms an important part of our global service offering to our valued clients. We are in the business of ship broking and we fully understand the implication of the changing dynamics of the shipping industry and its impact on our clients business.