trans ocean agency

Research & Reports

Applying knowledge intelligently to deliver a competitive edge

At Trans Ocean Agency knowledge dissemination forms an important part of our global service offering to our valued clients. We are in the business of ship broking and we fully understand the implication of the changing dynamics of the shipping industry and its impact on our clients business.

We therefore have appointed a dedicated team of market and news analyst whose only priority is to track, store, interpret and present this data to our clients in an easy to understand manner. Our team is well informed about market movements, cargo movements, port developments, freight rates, new ship contracts, changes in policies and regulations, status and availability of a large fleet of diverse ships and a host of other things that can possibly influence business.

As a value added service to all our clients we publish a daily report on important market movements in the local and global shipping industry and mail the same to all our clients for their information and relevant action.

It is through this constant monitoring, analysis and presentation to our clients that we can help them make real time and well informed decisions. All this enables us to form an excellent rapport with our clients and perform as true partners in their business.

We understand data and our clients profit from our knowledge.