trans ocean agency

Oil Tanker Broking

At Trans Ocean Agency we have developed expertise in chartering tankers and we have created a special niche in this vertical by offering customized solutions to our clients. Our team, with its global exposure to the challenges of this business offers a service suite that caters to crude oil, 'clean' and 'dirty' petroleum products.

We realize that we are a critical link in the petroleum industry. We also realize our responsibility and therefore strive to ensure that we conclude WIN-WIN deals between all the parties involved i.e. the oil company, the ship owners or the trader. Another business channel where we operate is the negotiation between producers and refiners for the cargo transportation.

We have access to tankers ranging from 20,000 dwt for carrying a variety of refined petroleum products to crude oil tankers with capacity in excess of 300,000 dwt.

Oil tanker broking is a specialised business and we are the global specialist.